Jennifer Lopez: Is Casper Smart After J-Lo’s Money?

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Casper Smart wants more of Jennifer Lopez’s money! Now that J-Lo has officially turned down any chance of getting back together with Marc Anthony, it looks like Casper Smart is moving in for his “fair share.” The thing is, one person’s “fair share” is another person’s windfall.

Reports are circling that Casper Smart was already on Jennifer Lopez’s payroll to the tune of $10,000 per week. Of course, most people in this country would be lucky to earn half of that per month, so $10k sound pretty reasonable to be J-Lo’s boytoy and arm candy, right? Now the tabloids are circulating that Casper wants four times that. Yes, you heard that right; Smart wants $40k a week from Lopez.

“Now that their relationship is so serious, Casper says there’s far greater pressure to look and act the part. She is totally blind to his scheming and likes the fact that he’s so dependent on her.” claims at least one tabloid. Yeah, it sounds like she is being taken advantage of.

So is Casper Smart just using Jennifer Lopez for money? It sure does sound like it. J.Lo must certainly see something in Casper other than his dancing around in a bee costume, right? If these rumors are true, she is certainly ponying-up quite a bit of cash, that’s for sure.

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