Jennifer Lopez Keeps It Cool During Challenging Parenting Moment

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Jennifer Lopez managed to keep her cool as she struggled to rein in her son, Max, on a recent outing. It is easy to assume celebrity moms have a bevy of nannies and handlers to deal with their children, but not every mom is ready to hand over all the child-rearing responsibilities to a virtual stranger.

JLo was spotted exiting a gas station in Los Angeles yesterday, with a very angry child. Although she was probably not happy with his little tantrum and could have easily had a member of her security team scoop up the revolting toddler, she chose to let him walk out of the store. Okay, it wasn’t exactly walking, but she did not carry him. Instead, Jennifer held both his hands and essentially pushed him along, refusing to give into his antics.

The look on her face is something many mothers can identify with. Her cute little man was acting up, in public, which is always difficult, but made worse by her celebrity status. Jennifer Lopez had her game face on and did not let her emotions get the best of her. She looked tense and a little frustrated, but she managed to keep it cool while photographers caught the embarrassing incident on film.

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