Jennifer Lopez Laughs at Nip Slip Claims

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Jennifer Lopez is reportedly laughing in the face of claims she suffered a nip slip wardrobe malfunction at the 2012 Oscars on Sunday. And that’s probably the very best way to deal with such a situation.

According to a report from TMZ, the current buzz seems to be about J Lo’s areola, which was said to have emerged from her low cut dress.

Claims have been made by Jennifer’s stylist assuring her and the public that no such nip slip could Jennifer Lopezhave possibly taken place. The stylist is even making claims as to why the wardrobe malfunction was even a remote consideration.

Nonetheless fans, photographers and reporters all claim to have seen something slip from one side of Jennifer Lopez’s dress. Some are saying an entire nipple slipped out while others claim just the brown of an areola appeared.

The best part of this entire debacle, however, is Jennifer Lopez’s reaction to it. She simply laughed it off.

And what else can someone do if and when such a thing happens? Yes, they could certainly be humiliated to tears. They could bear the weight of the embarrassment for a long time to come. Some might even fear facing their public and fans again.

But not J Lo. In typical gutsy fashion, she just laughed. So everyone else should just laugh with her. Whether or not she slipped a nip may never be known for sure. Her attitude toward it, however, will likely follow her forever.

If you slipped a nip at a major celebrity event, would you have the guts to simply laugh it off?

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