Jennifer Lopez New Look: Surgery or Botox? More Importantly, Should She Demand Refund?

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Jennifer Lopez has reportedly had some plastic surgery. Or perhaps it wasn’t really surgery. Maybe it was just Botox or collagen or some other type of injectable facial filler. Whatever the procedure was, it didn’t go so well. And that’s an understatement. According to sources, the former American Idol judge now looks Asian.

On October 1, Casper Smart’s sugar mama was snapped out and about at an Obama fundraiser in France. “Onlookers” were reportedly shocked by her appearance. While her body looked smoking hot as ever in a skin-tight, slit-up-the-front red dress, her face looked, well,…different. In the close-up pics, J-Lo’s countenance seems stretched even tighter than her dress. And what’s with her eyes? They look like they’ve somehow slanted slightly upwards overnight. Slightly? No. With all due respect, J-Lo, your eyes look like they’re halfway down the road to slitsville. According to the folks at Media Take Out, the world should pray it’s only Botox, because if Jenny’s new face is the result of surgical intervention, she’s “DESTROYED HERSELF forever!!!”


There’s nothing else to say–except you can see some close-up photos of Jennifer Lopez’s bizarre new look by clicking here.

Photo source: Zimbio

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