Jennifer Lopez Rents Beach for Casper Smart and Kids?!

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Jennifer Lopez did what? J.Lo rented an entire public beach for Casper Smart and her kids to play on over the weekend. Nothing says “money talks” like kicking people off a public beach on a holiday weekend.

According to TMZ, J.Lo paid $925 to the city of Long Beach last weekend. The singer and American Idol judge coughed up nearly a grand so that she could kick the locals off of Marine Beach on Easter weekend. How thoughtful of her, right? Yep, Jennifer Lopez made sure that a reported 3,400 feet of beach was free of “commoners” so that her kids and her boyfriend Casper Smart could frolic in the surf, build sand castles, and sun themselves on a public beach, sans the public!

Hopefully the locals can get a tax refund on the money that they spent for beach maintenance this past Saturday since Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart and her kids were hogging the beach and enjoying a grand time. That, however, is highly doubtful; the city of Long Beach certainly just pocketed the extra cash!

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