Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape Stolen Claims Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend

Apparently Jennifer Lopez’s sex tape a.k.a. video data drive was stolen from the home of her ex-husband’s current girlfriend. Uh, did you follow that? Well, her ex-husband of only a few months, Ojani Noa, is currently dating Claudia Vazquez.

The latest development in Jennifer Lopez’s sex tape scandal is that Noa sold the sex tape to Vazquez so she could release it because Lopez had him banned from doing so. However, Vazquez is now taking Noa’s manager, Ed Meyer, to court because she claims the sex tape was stolen by Meyer.

Vazquez’ lawyer issued the following letter to Meyer: “Claudia Vazquez will bring an ex parte application for relief, or whatever is proper, against you for removing home video data drive from Claudia Vazquez’s home. You were on notice of the order and using false pretences, you removed the drive from her house.

“You have been asked to return it by Claudia Vazquez, myself, and law enforcement authorities. Bring the drive with you to court. We intend to ask the Court to order you to hand the drive to Jennifer Lopez’s attorney’s immediately.”

Surprisingly, Ed Meyer isn’t denying that he has the sex tape. In fact, he stated, “I’ll be in court this morning with the data drive … I’m going to ask that a retired judge be appointed by the court to keep the videos instead of Jay Lavely, Jennifer’s attorney.”

It really seems like everyone but Jennifer is out to make some money on her giggly naked sex tape. Lopez probably just wants to burn it and to make sure no other copies have been made of it. However, stolen or not, Jennifer is going to have a hard time getting her lovely hands on it.

Here’s an important public announcement folks: “You shouldn’t video tape yourself having sex or naked, not even during your honeymoon. You never know who will be in possession of that tape later on. Just ask Jennifer Lopez.”

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