Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Workout Secrets

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I tend to think where there’s smoke, there’s fire, when it comes to celebrity news, so I’ve always believed the rumors that J Lo is a diva to the highest degree.  But after seeing that cat-suit she donned during her New Years Eve performance, I began to think that perhaps she deserves it.  Girl works hard for that body!  And fortunately for us, J Lo opened up to OK! Magazine about how you, too, can get a badonkadonk the size of Manhattan – boxing!  Here’s more:

Jennifer said her personal trainers got her hooked to it as a way to get in shape for her 1988 role in Out of Sight.

She claims to have a “wild side” that the sport goes perfectly with and helps her with her cardiovascular work-out.

In addition to boxing, J.Lo runs, does weights, uses StairMaster and does “light circuit training and cardio” several times a week and “biking, weight machines and lunges to keep those thigh muscles firm.”

The only question left is this:  Why is she married to a man who weighs the size of only one of her cheeks soaking wet?  Despite rumors of a divorce last year, J Lo and Marc Anthony seem to be going strong.  It’s a mystery, folks.

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