Jennifer Lopez Spending a Fortune on Casper Smart?!

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Jennifer Lopez may actually be giving boyfriend Casper Smart more than a few gifts. Rumors have spread about Casper and his “allowance,” but now a number is being thrown around about how much J.Lo is really spending on her dancer turned boy-toy.

It was just the other day that news broke about how much money Casper Smart was asking Jennifer Lopez for weekly for an allowance. Now it sounds like she is showering him with gifts and even giving him her credit card to use. Talk about trust in this budding relationship.

“Jennifer gave [Casper] an American Express Black Card so that he can pick up the tab when they’re together,” claims a source that also claims that Jennifer has dumped a whopping $2 million on gifts, including a new truck for his birthday. Okay, so it is understandable that she wants Casper Smart to feel like he is paying for dinner out, even when she’s the one footing the bill. But come on, Jennifer? You have only been dating this guy for a few months. Is Jennifer Lopez off her rocker a bit for spending this much money on Casper?

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