Jennifer Lopez Takes Casper Smart to Meet Her Mother!

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When Jennifer Lopez first started dating a much younger Casper Smart, questions arose about how JLo’s family would take it. Would Jennifer’s mom look at her daughter as a cougar who was dating a back-up dancer? Perhaps Casper would be seen as a gold digger and opportunist.

Apparently for Jennifer, any fears about Casper Smart meeting the family were unfounded. In fact, rumor has it that both JLo’s mom and sister love Casper.

“[Jennifer’s Mom] Guadalupe was not displeased, perhaps was even happy, when Jennifer and Marc divorced,” says at leat one source who claims that Jennifer Lopez’ sister, Lynda finds Casper Smart “very charming and engaging.”

Wow, how sweet. Goodness, Jennifer Lopez is old enough to be Casper Smart’s mom. So for Casper to meet Guadalupe and get passing grades has to be at least a little bit of a comfort, right? Still, plenty of questions remain as to whether a relationship like this one will last… or if this is just an extended rebound for JLo. One thing is clear, if she wasn’t serious, she would have never taken him home to meet her mom and sister.

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