Jennifer Lopez Wardrobe Malfunction, Nip Slip Again?!

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Jennifer Lopez has lost control of her costumes! J. Lo reportedly had huge wardrobe malfunction during a performance at the O2 Arena in London on Monday evening. The thing is, this is becoming a regular occurrence.

This is now the second nip slip, wardrobe malfunction in about a two-week span for J. Lo. She also had a problem at last year’s Oscars. It makes you wonder if she should step away from the pizza when taking her kids to the zoo or something.

Unlike Kris Jenner’s self-imposed nip slip, Jennifer Lopez’s accident happened mid-performance, as she her nipple reportedly popped out of her bejeweled jumpsuit. That clearly gives new meaning to the term jumpsuit.

The folks at GossipCop report that J. Lo was able to successfully pop her boob back into her costume and continue the show. The thing is, can’t Jennifer keep her costume on, or find a costume that actually fits? You might expect some celebrities to do things like this for attention, but for Lopez, just seems very out of character.

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