Jennifer Lopez’s Boytoy Caspar Smart Cheating with Gay Lover

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Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez’s boytoy Caspar Smart is cheating on her with a gay boytoy of his own. And to add insult to injury he’s spending J.Lo’s money on the guy. Ouch. Rumor also has it that J.Lo has no idea that Caspar is cheating on her–let alone that he’s gay.

JLo swears up and down she’s in love, and doesn’t know she’s getting bamboozled by a dude that likes dudes,” tattles a source. “Poor JLo… first she’s married to a Puerto Rican drug addict that can’t put down the cocaine and now she’s falling hard for a dude that can’t put down the d**k.”

Ah relationships.

If this story is true, it’s sad indeed that a woman as famous and as incredibly beautiful as Jennifer Lopez feels such a desperate need to attach herself to any guy. All adult human beings have sexual needs and desires, and they have a right to try to satisfy them. J.Lo could certainly do better than Caspar Smart. Even if he’s straight as an arrow and as faithful as a St. Bernard, he’s just not that impressive. La Lopez was voted People Magazine‘s Most Beautiful Woman in the World. She certainly shouldn’t be sitting around “dateless” unless she wants to be. Maybe she should just lighten up a little and stick to casual boyfriends for awhile. Even paid escort casual boyfriends would be preferable to a far more expensive and duplicitous closeted gay gold digging con artist. Actually, they’d also be preferable to her series of weird husbands–Marc Anthony included. Maybe she should just enjoy being single for awhile. After all, the marriage thing hasn’t exactly worked out for Jenny. Just saying.

Seriously, best of luck to Jennifer Lopez in whatever she decides to do.

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