Jennifer McDaniel to Marry Legendary Wrestler Hulk Hogan Soon! (Video)

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Jennifer McDaniel will soon marry the legendary, former, wrestler Hulk Hogan. The happy couple received their marriage license in Florida. But, the wedding of Hogan and McDaniel must occur quickly, because their license expires in January of 2011.

According to TMZ, the couple wanted to be married by spiritual guru, Dr. Michael Beckwith, who is based out of Los Angeles. However, where Hogan and McDaniel will wed remains to be seen, though it shouldn’t be long before their wedding story breaks!

Hulk Hogan, age 57, found another love of his life, when he discovered McDaniel, age 35. The two have been dating since early 2008, but they announced their engagement in December of 2009.

Also back in ‘09, Hogan finally was able to divorce his first wife, Linda Hogan. He had spent two long years in a battle over the division of their assets. Wait! Did you notice that Hulk Hogan had began dating Jennifer McDaniel before his divorce with Linda was final? It sure seems like he was doing a little hanky panky on the side, while still officially married!

Hogan admits that it was McDaniel that helped him overcome depression and suicidal thoughts, during his divorce with Linda. Hopefully, the couple will be in love with one another forever, and this will be Hulk Hogan’s last marriage!

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Jennifer McDaniel to Marry Legendary Wrestler Hulk Hogan Soon! (Video)

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