Jennifer Stano to Wed Billionaire! Who is she, who is he?

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Jennifer Stano is not a household name but her body is pretty well-known (perhaps by more men than women, that is).  Jennifer is a model and a sex symbol.  And…she is set to wed billionaire, Alki David.

Still no clue who these people are or why you should be at all interested in their personal lives?  As it turns out, some couples create a powerhouse as a pair, i.e., Bonnie and Clyde, Ricky and Lucy, all Bachelor engagements (no matter how lame), etc.  The Jennifer/Alki pairing is no different.

According to eWorldPost, “The drop dead gorgeous model (Jennifer) is the face behind her swimwear range Have Faith.  At present, Jennifer is now hosting two shows on E!. One is on “the spin crowd” produced by Kim Kardashian and the other show is about the designers and their family. Being a well known face, she hosted on Spike TV, a WWE DX cheerleader and some time was one of the Boom Chicka Wah Wah girls from the AXE body spray commercial advertisement.”  It’s her photo that really ups the ante on her resume.

Alki is said to be the richest guy on the planet, having made his dough in ‘business’.  Whatever ‘business’ he is in, he is undeniably great at it.  And…he is a professional actor.  Interesting.

Want to get to know this couple better?  They want you to!  These soon to be newlyweds can be seen on an upcoming episode of “The Spin Crowd”.  So, herein lies the answer to the burning question ‘who are these two and why now should we care about their personal lives?’  The answer is simple: Ryan Seacrest.  Ryan Seacrest is the mastermind behind so much in the entertainment world…one such entertaining family being the Kardashians.  And now the Kardashians are branching out to conquer entertainment as well…bringing us the model and the billionaire.

There is only one thing to do…pull on your oldest sweats, order in greasy chinese and watch as this couple (like many others before them) attempt to become more rich and more famous.  Awesome.

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