Jenny Johnson Moves Past Chris Brown with Some Greek Yogurt!

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Now that the Jenny Johnson, Chris Brown Twitter feud seems to have stopped, the comedian appears to have moved on to more important subjects… like Greek yogurt.

Of course, with the raunchy and rude Twitter fight, that at least one television commentator equated to rape, in the past, it didn’t take long for Jenny to get back on the saddle as far as her comedy is concerned. Clearly she didn’t let Chris Brown and his own brand of crazy slow her down.

No, Jenny Johnson decided that she should have some live cultures to calm her stomach a bit, and move forward. Perhaps her craving was triggered by watching one too many yogurt commercials with John Stamos.

Oh well, what could have been a nice Twitter post about yogurt turned into something far nastier. Yeah, she went there. “It’d be pretty messed up if we all found out that Greek yogurt was just John Stamos’ jizz,” tweeted Johnson.

Talk about having no filter. If shock value was what she was going for, she certainly got it here. The only question is whether John Stamos fans will come after Jenny with the same level of venom that Team Breezy did just the day before!

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