Jenny McCarthy and Boyfriend Paul Krepelka Split

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Jenny McCarthy has split from her boyfriend, Paul Krepelka. With Krepelka located in Boston and McCarthy in L.A., the distance simply made the romance  too difficult to continue pursuing.

According to a report from Popeater, Paul Krepelka was the first serious boyfriend for McCarthy, since breaking off her 5-year live-in relationship with actor Jim Carrey.

Paul Krepelka is a sports agent based in the Boston area. He didn’t want to move to Los Angeles, where Jenny McCarthy lives, and she wasn’t interested in relocating to Boston. The two are reportedly still friends, however.

Long distance relationships often sound romantic and intriguing, but once people find themselves within the throes of one, they’re often not all they’re cracked up to be. Distance, differing time zones, and the lack of physical contact all take their toll on long distance relationships.

It’s too bad things didn’t work out between Jenny McCarthy and Paul Krepelka. All media reports referencing him made him sound like a really great guy. McCarthy is a beautiful woman and works hard to advocate for her autistic son. She’ll meet someone with similarities that are just too uncanny to pass up. In the meantime, best wishes to both Jenny McCarthy and Paul Krepelka as their relationship reverts from romantic to platonic.

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