Jenny Slate Not Fired For SNL F-Bomb (video)

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NBC announced today they have not fired Jenny Slate after the comedian dropped the F-bomb on Saturday night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. It was Jenny Slate’s first appearance on the show, and it turns out that it will not be her last. Though the FCC has gotten more strict as of late about unintentional cursing, Jenny Slate’s outburst was late enough in the evening that the network will not be fined.

In the video below (NSFW obviously) you can watch what almost got Jenny Slate fired and know for sure she didn’t drop it on purpose – the look on her face is priceless.

So it looks like things worked out for Jenny Slate. But fired or not, she’s still on SNL, a show that hasn’t had any form of cultural capital for something like 15 years now. You want proof? I offer up the fact no one talks about SNL anymore unless someone drops an f-bomb. Really, tell me someone currently on the show that’s not Jenny Slate. Go on, try…

Give up? Yeah, that’s something the producers should do as well.

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