Jensen Ackles for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?

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Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame definitely has plenty of female fans, so would he make the perfect Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey?

He does have something in common with another of the TV actors favored for the role—just like Ian Somerhalder, he has played a vampire. However, his character Dean Winchester was quickly “cured,” and most of the time he’s busy hunting down supernatural beings like vampires, not being them.

Luckily no vampire skills are required to play Christian, even though he’s based on the Twilight character Edward Cullen. It is still necessary to pull off portraying a character with a dark past, which is something most vampires have—Christian Grey is a troubled character whose childhood led him to embrace a world of whips and chains.

At least WhatCulture thinks that Jensen Ackles has what it takes to star in Fifty Shades of Grey—he finished first on a list of ten actors well-suited for the role. He might not be used to dealing with dangerous-looking sex toys, but his Supernatural character is pretty good at handling a variety of different weapons and knows a lot about torture (Dean could probably build a pretty scary Red Room of Pain).

Some Fifty Shades of Grey fans might argue that Jensen is too clean-cut and pretty for the party, but he has a similar look to another favorite, Magic Mike actor Alex Pettyfer. Since everyone is going to get sick of hearing about actors like Ian Somerhalder and Alexander Skarsgard being interested in the part, it might be a good idea to shake things up when casting actually begins by choosing some less buzzed-about like Jensen Ackles. He would also come with his own built-in fan following.

WhatCulture‘s list also includes a few options that haven’t been talked about as much like The Dark Knight Rises actors Christian Bale and Tom Hardy, as well as Mad Men star Jon Hamm.

So what do you think—would Jensen make the perfect Christian Grey.

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