Jeopardy! IBM Challenge Day 3: Watson wins, Ken Jennings welcomes “computer overlords”

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Tonight, the IBM Challenge on Jeopardy! finished up with a final game between Brad Rutter, Ken Jennings, and Watson, the IBM supercomputer. Watson was far out in the lead with $35,734, with Brad in second with $10,400 and Ken held third place with $4800 at the end of day 2. All of Watson’s winnings will go to two charities, while half of what Ken and Brad win will go to charities. Read here for information about their charities.

Round 1

The categories were: EU, The European Union; Actors Who Direct; Dialing for Dialects; Breaking News; One Buck or Less; and Also on Your Computer Keys. At the break, Watson was in the lead with $4200, but Ken wasnÂ’t far behind with $3400, while Brad had $600. The Daily Double was in the category Breaking News, and it went to Ken with $3600. He made it a True Daily Double and got it correct, giving him $7200. At the end of the round, Ken was leading the others with $8600, while Watson had $4800 and Brad had $2400.

Round 2

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The first Daily Double went to Watson, who wagered $2127 in the category Nonfiction and got it wrong, leaving him with $6273. The second Daily Double was in the category Legal “E”s and also went to Watson, who wagered $367 and got it right, giving him a total of $15,440. At the end of the round, Watson was in the lead with $23,440, but Ken wasn’t far behind with $18,200. Brad was in third with $5600.

Final Jeopardy

The category was: 19th Century Novelists. The clue was: “William Wilkinson’s ‘An Account of the Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia’ inspired this author’s most famous novel.” All three answered correctly with, “Who is Bram Stoker?” and Ken even added an amusing, “I for one welcome our new computer overlords.” Brad doubled his total and added $11,200 to his previous total, resulting in $21,600. Ken added $1000 to today’s total and added $19,200 to yesterday’s total, resulting in $24,000. Watson was the big winner and added $17,973 to today’s total, giving him $41,413 to add to yesterday and resulting in $77,147.

What did you think of the IBM Challenge on Jeopardy?

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