Jeremiah Wright: Barack Didn’t Renounce Islam

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President Barack Obama never rejected Islam, Rev. Jeremiah Wright is saying, but the president was instead “coached” on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

By the way, what does it mean to be “coached” on Christianity? Either you’ve been formally baptized into the religion, or you haven’t. The Trinity United pastor makes it sound as if Obama was feigning faith in Jesus for the sake of political expediency. The president would never do something like that, would he?

John McCain wouldn’t address Obama’s religion during the 2008 campaign, but it’s a legitimate issue. After all, Muslims account for maybe 1.5 percent of the United States population, but perpetrate nearly all terrorist actions against the country.

Wright is obviously still hurting over his mistreatment by the president during the 2008 campaign. The Black Liberation Theology minister was a mentor and friend to the then-community organizer, and was humiliated when Obama denounced him.

According to Wright’s interviews with Edward Klein, Obama didn’t renounce his Muslim heritage, and was able to learn about Jesus with turning his back on his Islamic friends.

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