Jeremy Piven and Miley Cyrus – Normal Compared to Other Unlikely Celebrity Friendships!

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Jeremy Piven is rumored to be Miley Cyrus’s new friend! Unlikely celebrity friendships are quite common in Hollywood, but this friendship is probably one of the unlikeliest! Piven with Cyrus is like sprinkling dynamite on fire. However, compared to some other friendships, their’s is not so bad.

File:MileyCyrusApr09.jpgMiley Cyrus and Jeremy Piven star alongside each other in the upcoming film So Undercover. Their frienship started on set and in a climatic arc, they performed on stage together at the wrap party. Piven and Cyrus proclaimed to the world about their budding friendship with a song, I love Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Cyrus sang and Piven was on the drums.

If it’s true that Jeremy Piven and Miley Cyrus are new BFFs, that’s not too much of a stretch. There are friendships that are stranger than the one between Piven and Cyrus. Take for instance, Elton John and Eminem.

File:JeremyPivenFeb09.jpgTalk about a squirrel waterskiing. Now that’s a strange friendship indeed! A white rapper and a British gay man. With almost nothing in common, music was still able to bring them together.

What about Tom Cruise and Will Smith’s friendship. This is odder than Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor’s friendship. Let’s not forget a weird friendship between Mel Gibson and Britney Spears. These two are always in the spotlight for the wrong reasons!

Back to the friendship of Jeremy Piven and Miley Cyrus. Compared to some of the celebrities listed here, their friendship is as normal as can be!

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