Jerry Lawler Has Angioplasty — Critical But Stable

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WWE wrestler Jerry Lawler is recovering in the Cardiac Care Unit of a hospital in Montreal following surgery for a heart attack. On Monday night, he was providing commentary during a live tag-team match when he collapsed, grabbing at his arm. Luckily, there were trained medical staff on scene to stabilize him long enough to go to the hospital. Most fans watching said other than his voice growing softer in the moments before the collapse, The King showedFile:10.9.10JerryLawlerByLuigiNovi.jpg no sign of the impending heart attack. He’s actually likely lucky that this happened where he could receive immediate care instead of when he was, say, home alone.

The wrestler underwent an angioplasty, a common procedure to open blocked blood vessels. According to LATimes, his ex-wife Stacy Carter confirms the surgery in a tweet, saying, “He had a stint & a balloon put in. Right now he is still heavily sedated.” These procedures are often very successful, especially when the victim has had immediate care following the heart attack to prevent the heart muscle from dying.

It’s not clear yet how much of a recovery 62-year-old Jerry Lawler will be facing, but his many fans are all wishing him well, and hopefully that positive energy will give him the strength to heal.

Photo Credit: Luigi Novi

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