Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler Collapses on WWE Raw: Health Updates, Reactions & Video

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The news of Jerry “The King” Lawler collapsing on the latest episode of WWE Raw has shaken up fans of pro wrestling worldwide. The incident was reported as serious during the show, with commentator Michael Cole letting viewers know it was “not part of the entertainment.”

The incident continued during Raw with Lawler being given CPR in an attempt to revive him backstage. also reported on the incident, presenting a photo of Lawler on a stretcher from inside the arena. They reported as of their latest news, that Lawler was breathing on his own, and at a nearby hospital for treatment. That was the encouraging news given as Raw left the air too, with Michael Cole saying that Lawler was being prepared for a CT-scan.

It’s also been reported via that multiple WWE stars and personalities have gone on Twitter to tweet their thoughts and prayers towards Jerry Lawler and this ongoing health situation. Some of those who gave comments include Kofi Kingston, Jim Ross, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Jack Swagger. Multiple TNA stars also tweeted thoughts including Velvet Sky, Gunner, and Christopher Daniels. The phrase “#PrayForJerry” was also trending on Twitter during the night and used by several wrestling stars to send out their thoughts.

It’s clear that Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler is a fighter, both in and out of the ring. He’s been a prominent part of WWE programming for years now, entertaining many. It is hoped that he continues to fight in this situation and pulls through, as it certainly has left the latest Raw with a scary, and emotional feeling as the show closed.

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