Jersey Shore Drinking Game Rules

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Jersey Shore drinking game rules come from the new MTV reality television show “Jersey Shore” that premiered on December 3.  The show is about 8 Italian-Americans sharing a summer home on the Jersey Shore.  You can understand now why there are Jersey Shore drinking game rules…

As a New Yorker who understands and loves guidos, I thought there were some funny lines.  On the other hand, “Jersey Shore” is also seen as being stereotypical.  Domino’s Pizza is boycotting it.  But is Domino’s Pizza authentic anyway?  Not to a girl who grew up on Brooklyn pizza.  But back to the Jersey Shore drinking game rules.

I used to play drinking games as a kid and remember “Quarters” until today (although it is a bit fuzzy).  It seems enthused bloggers are trying to define the Jersey Shore drinking game rules. suggests for the Jersey Shore drinking game rules are to chug a shot everytime someone says something that would totally mortify their mother.  That’s a lot of drinking going on with my friends!

Artuji states Jersey shore drinking games rules are when an action happens or a word or phrase is said, you have to take a shot.  Examples are fist bumps and anyone using the word “classy”.

What would my Jersey Shore drinking game rules include?  Hmmm, can it be a combination of quarters and strip poker?  Would everyone be so intoxicated on Amaretto it wouldn’t matter?

Have you heard any Jersey Shore drinking game rules?  Share them and let the party begin.  Meanwhile, I feel like pasta and wine so I’m off to my favorite little Italian restaurant.  See ya!

Check out MTV’s Jersey Shore Trailer #2 from YouTube:



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