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There’s a Jersey Shore nickname for you.  If you’ve watched MTV’s reality television show Jersey Shore and read about Jersey Shore Drinking Game Rules, Snooki Getting Punched in Jersey Shore Fight Video and Jersey Shore Punch Clip, you’ll definitely want your own Jersey Shore nickname.  Check out the Jersey Shore name generator!

So how do you get a Jersey Shore nickname anyway?  Don’t you want a Jersey Shore nickname to be an official guido or guidette?  Just visit the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator to get your own Jersey Shore nickname!  A few dozen random names are generated at the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator.

At the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator, you just put in your own actual name and ask the system for “Guido Names” or “Guidette Names” then click “Guido Me”. 

My guido name is Tammy Braciole.
Take The Jersey Shore Nickname Generator today!
I love the name Tammy Braciole!  I cook delicious braciole and this is an absolutely yummy Jersey Shore nickname! 

What’s your Jersey Shore nickname?  C’mon, you can tell us!  Just visit the Jersey Shore name generator.

Check out the MTV Jersey Shore trailer from YouTube:


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