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The Jersey Shore punch clip showed us Snooki Getting Punched in Jersey Shore Fight Video.  Considering our recent article about Jersey Shore Drinking Game Rules, the Jersey Shore punch clip showed Snookie punched in the face video by a man at a bar.

Although the MTV show on Thursday nights is called “Jersey Shore”, it turns out Snooki , formally known as Nicole Polizzi, is really from Marlboro, New York.  As a New Yorker, there are plenty of guidos and guidettes around here and it’s no problem.  Doesn’t everyone want to look good?

The guy who punched Snooki in the face in the Jersey Shore punch clip certainly didn’t make himself look good.  Reality Tea reports 24 year old Brad Ferro, a gym teacher at North Queens Community High, was cut off by the bartender.  In the Jersey shore punch clip, Ferro was trying to take a drink from Snooki.  It doesn’t surprise me he’s a New Yorker, too. 

The Snookie punched in the face video was taken down.  MTV decided not to air the Jersey shore punch clip showing Snooki getting punched indicating in a statement Friday, “What happened to “Snooki” was a crime and obviously extremely disturbing.  After hearing from our viewers, further consulting with experts on the issue of violence, and seeing how the video footage has been taken out of context to not show the severity of this act or the resulting consequences, MTV has decided not to air “Snooki” being physically punched in next week’s episode.”

The Jersey Shore punch clip and Snooki getting punched in the face reminds me to share an article with you entitled, “Are You The Victim of Domestic Violence?”  It’s never right to punch someone else in the face.

Fighting isn’t recreational.  In fact, fighting is a professional sport if you want to watch it or engage in it.  Some serious fighting took place in the BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez Video – UFC 107 results with the Diego Sanchez Face After BJ Penn vs Sanchez Video if you want to click those links to find out more. 

Anyway, Snooki appeared on the Wendy Williams show talking about the Jersey shore punch clip, being guidos and guidettes and how the people in Marlboro, New York are looking to get her to leave town.  Let’s check out the YouTube clip of what Snooki has to say:



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