Jersey Shore: Season 2?

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Jersey Shore: Season 2?

If you’re vibin’ on a Jersey Shore, Season 2, listen up:

The cast of self-professed guidos and guidettes from MTV’s Jersey Shore is attempting a Friends-style negotiation to return for another season. TMZ reports that MTV has offered each cast member a $10,000 signing bonus, plus $5,000 per episode. Oh, but the cast said, “Fuggeddabout it!” Not enough. They’re allegedly all standing together for their price, though they didn’t say what that might be. MTV made a new offer of $10,000 an episode — there are 12 episodes in the new season — but so far the cast hasn’t responded.

MTV is surely not sweatin’. They claim they already has replacements if Snooki, Pauly D, The Situation, and the rest don’t accept their offer. And they’re also happy to mix and match old and new cast members, as well. Who’ll be in the second season chockful of hair gel, tanning, and fist-pumping? We’ll have to wait and see!

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