‘Jersey Shore’ Season 6 Brings Plenty of Changes

Jersey Shore season 6 began filming last week, and there’s already plenty of drama! Snooki is nearly 6 months pregnant, Mike is fresh out of rehab, and Sammi and Ronnie are back on—but have already been photographed fighting! Now, new details regarding what fans should expect are being revealed!

“They’re starting to take those next steps into adulthood,” MTV’s executive VP of programming and head of production, Chris Linn, tells Entertainment Weekly. “What’s going to be different this season is how much their lives had changed.”

Regarding Snooki’s decision to vacate the shore house and move in to her own pad next door, Linn says, “she’s concerned about the perception of her being a pregnant woman in a party house. This is an opportunity to see how she deals with it and how the rest of the house deals with it. The show has always been about following what’s really happening in their lives.”

Snooki moved out of the house yesterday afternoon with the help of JWoww and Pauly and headed next door. There’s no word yet on if her fiancé will live at the home with her.

Linn is also letting fans know that just because she’s knocked up doesn’t mean Snooki is any less hilarious. “She’s just as funny, if not funnier, than she’s ever been.”

Executive producer SallyAnn Salsano also explains that the season is “a different kind of entertaining. It’s like a high school sex-ed video gone insane.”

No one really knows what to expect from Jersey Shore season 6, but it is sure to be a hit. Who knows, fans could be so sick of watching them party all the time that all these changes might be exactly what the series needs!

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