‘Jersey Shore’ Snooki getting married?

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Jersey Shore’s Snooki doesn’t want to be “snookin'” for love any longer! The reality star says that she wants to marry her beau, Jionni! The pint-sized guidette—who loves pickles and juice-heads—is very much in love and is already thinking about her big day!
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“My timeline would probably be like 26. I would like to get married [to Jionni] at 26,” Snooki tells Hollywood Life. From Jersey Shore to Real Housewives? Sounds like Snooki really has a plan! At just 23 years old, the bronzed babe has hooked up with tons of guys—and that’s just what you see on television. She has been dating Jionni for ten months, and while the two have a pretty big fight in Italy (as seen in Jersey Shore previews), they are totally still together.

It’s hard to picture Snooki getting married, but evidently the girl knows what she wants. She is still young, but usually at 23 you know what you want and what you don’t want. If her relationship with Jionni is working, then it’s only natural for her to think about the future, right?

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