‘Jersey Shore’ Star Deena Cortese Flips Out at Bouncer in New Haven Nightclub

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Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese got into a screaming match with a bouncer in a nightclub after he tossed her from the VIP section. Cameras caught the pint-sized star giving the guy a piece of her mind.

According to TMZ, Deena had just wrapped up a two-hour hosting gig at New Haven nightclub The Alchemy when the bouncer told her to leave the VIP area to “make room for paying guests.” After the bouncer tried to “physically guide” her out of the section, the self-proclaimed “meatball” lashed out at the man.

In her rant, she screams at the man, “You’re a scumbag!” and accuses him of being a “disgusting old man that wants to hit on younger women.” The man can be heard telling her repeatedly “Get lost!” Click the video below to see the entire exchange.

Deena spoke to TMZ and claimed, “After I did over an hour of taking pictures, dancing on stage, and talking on the mic, I was done with my 2 hrs of work … the owner decided to grab me, put me to the side, speak down to me , embarrass me in front of my fans, kicked my best friend out of V.I.P. and made me cry.”

Between her Jersey Girl rage and her white furry boots, she makes it clear why she was selected to star on the MTV show. In the end, she ended up staying in the club for a while in the non-VIP area. Love her or hate her, Jersey Shore has made her a celebrity and the club owner should have been happy to have her stick around in the club for free. He still gets the last laugh, because Deena Cortese’s rant earned his business more promotion than he ever could have dreamed possible.

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