‘Jersey Shore’ Star Snooki Is Part of WWE Wrestlemania 27 Matches (Video)

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“Jersey Shore” star Snooki was the special guest on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw. However, Nicole Polizzi did more than give a fist pump to the wrestlers and crowd. In fact by the time Raw ended, the reality TV star had agreed to be in one of the Wrestlemania 27 matches.


According to WWE Characters Blog, Snooki was a guest celebrity on the show and came to the ring to watch legendary WWE diva Trish Stratus fight against the despised diva Vickie Guerrero.  If Vickie won the match she would be able to keep her job on Raw.  Otherwise, she’d have to leave.

The crowd got to see Trish Stratus in control for a while, even using one of Vickie’s sneakers to beat her up with.  However, Vickie’s boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler (a Raw wrestler), arrived to the ring to intervene.  Raw wrestler John Morrison also hit the ring and took out Ziggler on the outside.  However, the action intensified in the ring when the evil team of Michelle McCool and Layla El arrived.  They got in the ring to knockout Stratus, allowing Vickie to steal the pinfall victory.

After the match had ended, Layla and Michelle took turns posing for pictures with Vickie still pinning Trish Stratus on the mat.  Michelle decided to take things a step further by leaving the ring to go taunt Snooki, who was seated at ringside.  Nicole got up to stand up to Michelle, but the WWE diva towered over her.  Michelle ended up shoving Snooki back into her chair.

However, Snooki wasn’t having that and got up to yank Michelle’s leg out from under her as she tried to get in the ring.  The “Jersey Shore” star then rushed into the ring to attack Layla El.  Things eventually turned into a mini-brawl, with the heel divas, Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler escaping to the apron.

Vickie Guerrero was insulted by all of that and decided to challenge Snooki.  She told the reality TV star she was issuing a challenge.  Vickie set up a match of Team LayCool and Dolph Ziggler to go against John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki.  Snooki got on the mic and accepted the challenge, saying “see you there baby.”

So now it’s on and seems like Vince McMahon has one-upped the competition.  TNA wrestling got “Jersey Shore” stars Angelina and JWoww involved in their program, but WWE appears to have landed the hotter commodity.  Whether or not Snooki will draw in more buyers for the Pay-Per-View will be hard to gauge, because the event is already pretty stacked with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin as part of the guests already announced.


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