Jersey Shore’s Jwoww Sued by Ex-Boyfriend – Claims He Made Her Fortune

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“Jersey Shore” star Jwoww is being sued by her ex-boyfriend. Thomas Lippolis said that he was Jwoww’s business manger in addition to her boyfriend. However, he claims she never paid him a dime for the work he did securing her the reality TV gig that pays $17,500 for each episode.

Jwoww Sued By Ex Over Unpaid Business Manager Fees

Photo by: AJM/AAD/ 2010 11/27/10 Jenni J-Woww Farley sued by ex boyfriend over unpaid business manager fees. (Las Vegas, Nevada) Photo via Newscom

According to Lippolis, he secured lots of things for Jwoww, aka Jenni Farley, including her deal with MTV, a tanning lotion company deal, a nightclub deal and a deal with a plastic surgeon while he served as her manager. However, the reality star never paid him, which is why Jwoww is being sued by her ex. This sounds like it could be a case of an ex-boyfriend wanting to cash in on Jwoww’s success. The courts will likely determine if this is the case or if this lawsuit has actual merit.

According to documents in the lawsuit that Lippolis filed today in New York, he was Jwoww’s “sole negotiating agent” for the “Jersey Shore” deal which brought her not only a guaranteed $17,500 per episode, but also a $75,000 bonus depending on the “Jersey Shore” ratings. He is suing Jwoww for $350,000 for his time and effort. However, Jwoww sources say that Lippolis was not involved in her MTV or tanning contract. They also say that he was paid for all Jwoww appearances that he booked on her behalf.

Is Jwoww’s Ex Just Money Grubbing?

So who is telling the truth here? Does Jwoww owe her ex some money, or is she being sued because the ex sees this as a way to get some cash out of an ex-girlfriend who hit the big time. Hopefully the legal action will shed some light on this deal, and we will soon know if Jwoww being sued by her ex is legit or not.

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