‘Jersey Shore’s’ Snooki Has What It Takes to be Good Mom

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Snooki of The Jersey Shore fame is pregnant with her first baby, and despite what most people think of her entering the world of motherhood, some say she’s actually got what it takes to be a good mom.

According to a report from TMZ, Nicole Polizzi, the little guidette’s given name, was reportedly raised in a really good and loving family. She has close family ties and a wonderful relationship with her own mother.

Sources say that Polizzi is trying to transition from a drunken fool into a responsible mother-to-be, and that she isn’t even “screwing around” any more. Do you think Snooki has what it takes to become a decent mother?

Certainly one’s upbringing can make a huge difference in the kind of parent one becomes. That means it’s entirely possible that Polizzi has some maternal instincts and can maybe even channel some sensibility from her own mother. If her mom is truly a nurturing mom, then perhaps she can give Nicole pointers as her due date draws near and once the baby has arrived.

Of course, it would probably be best for any child entering the world to be as far away from most of the people on The Jersey Shore as humanly possible. And while Snooki is said to be doing a Jersey Shore spinoff, it’s still likely going to involve the same caliber of people.

What kind of life do you suppose this little baby will have? Hopefully his or her mom will resort to the lifestyle she grew up with and leave her childish ways in her past.

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