Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” Bombs at Donald Trump Roast

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Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino may be popular with some crowds (specifically the ladies of “Jersey Shore” and other women with low self-esteem or little in the way of better options…), but he surely didn’t win over any new fans at Comedy Central’s Roast of real estate magnate Donald Trump, where the crowd nearly booed him off the stage!

It seems likely that “The Situation” wasn’t deserving of a spot at the roast in the first place, where he joined actual comedians and presenters such as Lisa Lampanelli and Snoop Dog, whom he managed to offend with some less-than-appropriate and off-color jokes, such as one directed at Snoop, where he said that Snoop and Donald Trump had a lot in common, as Donald Trump owned a lot of property, and Snoop’s ancestors had been property. Whoa.

While surely a roast involves poking a bit of fun at one another, surely even someone as daft as “The Situation” can appreciate when a joke goes too far? Apparently not.

After the show, “The Situation” seemed complete oblivious to the crowd’s reaction and having crossed a line, saying, “My whole career people have been hard on me, but I stood in there. I got through it, and people actually clapped at the end.”


He even went on to say that, “Snoop is an awesome dude. Very kind. Me and him got along so well. Between Trump and Snoop, I gained a lot of friendships.”

Either “The Situation” is delusional, or Snoop has a high tolerance for racist jokes, which seems unlikely.

What do you think about the joke?

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