‘Jerseylicious’ ‘Friends and Family Fiasco’ Recap

More fighting in this episode of Jerseylicious and it looks like Tracy might have a new nemesis.

The show starts with Olivia and Gigi at a bar. Olivia says that Gigi has to get back out into the dating world now that she and Frankie have broken up. Olivia spots two guys and tells Gigi to introduce herself to the “kid in the Guido tuxedo.” Gigi is too shy to go by herself so Olivia drags her over. One guy, Joey, asks Gigi out on a date but she isn’t sure if she wants to go out and she refuses to give him her number. Joey gives Gigi his card and tells her to call him if she’d like to go out for dinner.

Things are getting done at Anthony’s new salon and he’s thrilled because they should be having their grand opening soon. But first he has to hire more people. Anthony and Cathy interview for stylists and a barber and Filly interviews for a shampoo girl. He asks one girl if she has a boyfriend.

Gayle is still upset with Olivia for giving a mobile event to Anthony. She’s also upset with Anthony for taking the event. There’s also concern that Anthony’s new salon will take clients away from the Gatsby so Gayle and Christy plan an event to introduce the world to Tango, their barber.

Anthony is having a welcome party at Cathy’s pizzeria for his new employees: Jessica who does hair and makeup, Fashion who is a stylist with years of experience and tons of clients who will follow her, Brittany the shampoo girl, and Will who is the barber.

At the party Anthony tells everyone that he wants to have a “soft” opening for just friends and family. This will be a test run before the grand opening. The invited guests can give Anthony feedback. Cathy is against this and says that it’s too early for any kind of opening, soft or otherwise but Anthony insists. Anthony tells Cathy that he’s going to invite Gayle because he considers her a friend and she has years of experience in the field. To say Cathy is unhappy about Gayle being there is an understatement but eventually agrees.

Tracy and new stylist Fashion are sitting next to each other at the pizzeria and are talking. Tracy is bragging about how she’s the senior stylist and will teach the new stylists things. Fashion turns to her and says that Tracy can’t teach her anything and that Tracy might be senior stylist now but Fashion will be taking over very soon. Tracy calls Fashion “insane” and has some screws loose. Then Fashion tells Tracy to shut her mouth. Now the two are yelling at each other. Another name for Jerseylicious can be “fight-a-licious.” They stop when Anthony tells the group about the “soft” opening.

At Olivia’s apartment, Olivia calls Joey telling him that she’s Gigi. Meanwhile Gigi is sitting next to her giggling. Gigi gets on the phone and agrees to go out with Joey.

Gayle talks with Olivia about the mobile event that went to Anthony. Olivia said she didn’t think that she was starting mobile events at Anthony Roberts and just wanted to help Anthony out. Gayle said she won’t share Olivia and Tracy with Anthony for mobile events. Olivia apologizes.

The Friends and Family “soft” opening at Anthony’s new salon is starting and things aren’t going well. Olivia isn’t there because Jackie went into labor and Olivia is with her. Jessica is asked to take Olivia’s clients and do makeup. Filly is officially the manager of the salon and he’s on cloud nine.

Things start to go really bad when they discover that most of the outlets aren’t working. The bathroom isn’t working either. Filly runs out to get extension cords and Anthony goes to the 7-Eleven down the street to ask if he can send people there to use the bathroom. Cathy is horrified at this but what can you do?

The next problem is that Anthony didn’t take blow dryers to the new salon and Tracy needs one to blow out a client’s hair. Fashion says that she always carries one because she’s a professional which Tracy obviously isn’t. Fashion says she’ll let Tracy borrow her dryer. Fashion and Tracy start to fight and Anthony tells them to stop. He also says he doesn’t need, “Tracy and Olivia, Part 2.”

At the Gatsby’s barber event, Tango shows off how he shaves designs in men’s hair.

Anthony is having more problems at his “soft” opening; now the electricity has gone out. Anthony calls the day, “The nightmare in Anthony’s salon.”

On Gigi’s date, she feels awkward at first but ends up having a good time even though Joey puts cheese on his salad. Gigi tells Joey that she hates cheese because “it smells like feet.”

Olivia comes back to Anthony’s new salon after Jackie had her baby girl and starts talking to new employee, Jessica. Olivia tells her about Gayle and the Gatsby and mentions that Tracy was rehired to help Olivia do the mobile events. Tracy hears Olivia mention her name and she starts yelling at her. The two soon end up arguing. As they’re fighting, Gayle comes in and says that all they do is fight.

Anthony thanks Gayle for coming and they discuss the mobile event problem. Anthony explained that he has no intention of starting mobile events and did just the one because he needed the revenue. Gayle then asks if Filly is really ready to be the manager. Cathy hears that and she starts screaming at Gayle for insulting her son. Gayle said she didn’t mean to insult him, apologizes, and then leaves.

Jerseylicious ends with Gigi telling Olivia all about her date with Joey. She said the date was better than she expected but won’t go out with him again. She is ready to start seeing other men but will choose her own dates from now on.

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