‘Jerseylicious': ‘Jersey-Vicious’ Recap, Season 3 Episode 9

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Tonight’s episode of “Jerseylicious” was filled with the two things that fans hope for: some love and lots of physical fighting.

It begins with Gayle telling Gigi and Christy that she was going to a millionaire matchmaker mixer. Gigi loves the idea and asks Gayle if she could go, too. Gayle says she “never went on a date, just married people.” Pretty good one-liner.

Tracy and Olivia have another “Gatsby to Go” Event. This time, they’re at a medical center where they will be making over the nurses for new identification badges. Since the makeovers have to be done fast, each one will take 15 minutes and cost the nurses $15.00.

The day of the event also happens to be Olivia and Mikey’s four-month anniversary. While the nurses are having their makeovers, Mikey is constantly calling Olivia and Tracy is not happy about this, but to her credit, she’s pretty calm as she asks Olivia to “please focus.”

Olivia tells the camera how she feels about doing the nurse’s makeovers. And in a classic “Jerseylicious” one-liner says, “These nurses save lives and I feel like I’m saving their lives by showing them the world of fake eyelashes.”

At the mixer, Gayle and Gigi are actually attracting men. The G’s (Gayle and Gigi) decide on what signals to use if they’re either interested in a man or need the other’s help to lose a boring guy.

Leo starts talking to Gayle and she admits that this older man isn’t her type, but enjoys his company. At the bar, Gigi is practically tugging her ear off to get Gayle’s attention. Robbie, who claims to be a music producer, is getting on Gigi’s nerves and she needs Gayle’s help.

Meanwhile, Anthony is upset when his sister tells him that another kid’s salon is being opened within a mile of where he and Gayle want to open their salon.

But the exciting part of the episode happens when Olivia and Mikey are celebrating their anniversary at a club when Tracy and her new boyfriend, Milos, walk in. Olivia and Mikey decide to leave but instead of walking out the door, they go to Tracy. Olivia wants to make sure that they remain civil to each other. Huge mistake.

The two women start screaming at each other; Milos and Mikey start to square off with bulging muscles and asking each other, “Wuts up? Wuts up?” ‘Wuts up’ with that?

Tracy pushes Mikey; Olivia starts clobbering Tracy, yelling that no one should touch someone who means a lot to her. Mikey and Milos start punching each other, and Tracy ends up flat on her back when Olivia hits her.

Tracy asks Milos if her face is bruising because she’s “too pretty to have a bruise.” Tracy calls Olivia “evil in human form.”

The best part of “Jerseylicious” is all the great one-liners and this week had plenty of them. Maybe someone will write a book with these gems.

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