‘Jerseylicious’ ‘Living in Sin’ Recap

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Tracy is far from happy in this installment of “Jerseylicious” and Gayle has some big plans for the Gatsby.

The episode starts with Olivia and Briella in a yogurt shop enjoying some yogurt. Olivia tells Briella that she doesn’t like working with Tracy because of all the fighting. That’s an understatement. Olivia says that she’s getting a lot of women asking her to do makeovers. Usually Olivia gives these makeovers to Gatsby 2 Go but she wants to do them herself now and all she needs is a hairstylist. Briella perks up and says that she could do the hair. Sounds like a team is forming.

Gayle wants to bring attention back to the Gatsby. She tells Christy about an idea she has called “Gatsby Presents.” They will have a big event inviting all the best salons in New Jersey. At the event each salon will recreate a famous painting. The salon will make up their models to look like the people in the painting. The winner will get a nice prize. Of course the Gatsby won’t be in the running for the prize but they will recreate a painting.

Tracy is at her apartment crying. When Corey asks what’s wrong she says that her parents have cancelled a dinner that would introduce Corey to Tracy’s family. Her parents don’t like that she’s “living in sin” with Corey and prefers not to talk to the rest of the family about it. They will have the dinner if Corey moves out or when the couple become engaged. Corey is willing to move out if that’s what Tracy wants but she wants Corey to stay with her. He’s really so sweet.

At the Gatsby Gayle introduces Nicki to Christy. Nicki is the event planner who will be arranging everything for “Gatsby Presents.” The event will take place at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and the first prize winner will get a trip to Dubai. Wow! Christy feels left out of all this because Gayle hired Nicki without telling her. Christy also doesn’t like Nicki.

Tracy, meanwhile, speaks to Anthony about her parents. Anthony suggests she find a relative who might talk to Tracy’s folks and get them to understand that she and Corey love each other. This relative might be able to calm her parents a little.

Gayle, Nickie, and Christy decide to send out an invitation to the Glam Factory. Christy was against it at first but Gayle persuades her to see things differently. Gayle also asked Olivia to help them with the invitations but Oliva and Briella were going to do a makeover of a client. Olivia didn’t want to tell Gayle about this and just said that she was busy.

Olivia and Briella makeover three cheerleaders. The girls look great afterwards and they do a little cheer for Olivia and Briella to use as a promotion video. These “Jerseylicious” girls are always thinking.

Briella and Oliva talk about going into business together but Briella can’t leave Alexa but will work with Olivia during her off hours. That’s exactly what Olivia wanted to hear.

Tracy and Corey are waiting at a restaurant for one of Tracy’s aunts. Her aunt agreed to talk to Tracy’s parents. Tracy then gets a phone call from the aunt saying that she decided that she didn’t want to get involved. Tracy said she understood. Of course Tracy is upset and starts to cry. Once again Corey talks with her and calms her down. He really is a nice guy.

Alexa receives her invitation and wonders why Gayle would invite her to “Gatsby Presents” since this is exactly what Alexa does. Alexa has every intention of competing and winning first prize.

At Tracy’s apartment Tracy still very upset over the situation and compares Corey and herself to “Romeo and Juliet.” The comparison is a tad far-fetched but if it makes Tracy happy to think this way then it’s fine.

At the Gatsby Olivia asks Gayle and Christy if she could be a competitor on her own for the event. She doesn’t want to represent the Gatsby or Anthony Robert but wants to represent herself. Gayle agrees saying how proud she is of Olivia. But couldn’t the Gatsby be accused of playing favorites since Olivia does work for Gayle? This doesn’t sound very good.

Next week “Jerseylicious” ends its season and fans will see who wins “Gatsby Presents.”

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