‘Jerseylicious’ — ‘Single Moms Gone Wild’ Recap Season 3 Episode 7

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It wasn’t easy going through a whole week without watching Jerseylicious, but thank goodness it was back on again tonight. A lot has happened with the stylists during the week off.

Tonight’s episode was great, and that’s because of Gigi and Frankie. These two belong together, but that doesn’t look very promising.

At the beginning of the show, Lorenzo is eating dinner at Frankie’s house. When Frankie’s mom, Carla, tells Lorenzo that he should eat some vegetables, Lorenzo says, “The only thing green I eat is jello.” Lorenzo is always good for a laugh.

Frankie’s dad invited a girl over to dinner to set up with Frankie. The girl tells the group that she wants to be either a veterinarian or a cosmetologist. If she can, she will combine the two and make dogs and cats pretty by doing their fur and putting dots on them. Frankie is rolling his eyes, and Lorenzo asks the girl if her breasts are real. The girl proudly says that she believes in plastic surgery and has had a lot of things done. Carla is far from impressed.

Gigi decides that it’s time for her to become independent and starts looking for her own apartment. After seeing at some pretty bad places, she ends up renting an apartment in Olivia’s building. “It will be like we were in college, not that we ever went,” said Olivia.

When she was packing her belongings at home, Gig finds some jewelry that Frankie gave her including the promise ring from last season. She doesn’t know what to do with them. Tracy tells her to sell them; Olivia tells her to give them back to Frankie.

Frankie and Gigi meet, and she tells him that she wants to return the jewelry. Frankie looks like he’s ready to cry from the emotional pain. In the end, he practically begs Gigi to keep everything, and she tells him she will always love him. This scene was perfect and very sad. They just can’t break up. Who ever thought that Jerseylicious would be so heartbreaking?

At the Gatsby, Olivia and Tracy have their first big “Gatsby to Go Event.” A single mothers group wants to have their hair and makeup done so they could go out and find men. Good luck to these ladies because they were two sheets to the wind by the time the Gatsby group gets to them. Filly starts dancing with the drunk women when Gail walks in, sees the commotion and threatens to fire everyone. Of course, she didn’t and ended up helping out instead.

Anthony wants to expand the Gatsby and makes plans to meet Gail at a larger salon that he wants them to rent. Because of the “Gatsby to Go Event,” Gail misses her meeting with Anthony, and he isn’t happy. He only came back to work at the Gatsby because Gail promised to expand. Things aren’t looking good for that either.

So ends another episode of Jerseylicious.

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