‘Jerseylicious’ ‘Tracy’s Big Test’ Recap

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You can say a lot about “Jerseylicious’ but it is never boring and will always hold the attention of their fans. No one fell asleep during this week’s episode.

The show starts out at a Gatsby 2 Go event. Olivia is there along with the event’s guest host, Amber Rose. This event is a fashion show and the Gatsby is doing all the hair and make-up. Everyone is happy and Olivia is thrilled that she’s in charge and gets to talk with Amber. But fans all know that a fashion event with Amber Rose will bring in lots of people; so who walks in but Tracy.

Tracy says she had no idea that this was a Gatsby event and only came because Amber Rose was there. Not sure how true this is but, in any event, Tracy is there. She appears shocked to see Olivia and other people from the Gatsby and immediately gets very jealous.

She tells the cameras that she had no idea that the Gatsby was hosting events with people like Amber Rose and she wants to go back and work with the Gatsby 2 Go staff. It’s doubtful that any fan is totally surprised at this confession.

At the event, Tracy talks to Olivia and Christy about her coming back and Christy tells her to talk to Gayle but something seems to be going on in Olivia’s head. Whatever thoughts Olivia is having she better think twice about them because fans know that Olivia doesn’t always think twice.

Meanwhile in one of the most boring story lines in “Jerseylicious,” Gigi and Frankie are talking to their couples counselor about them moving in together. Frankie says Gigi is spoiled, Gigi says Frankie shuts her out, and they’ve yet to tell their parents about living together.

At Anthony Roberts, Filly tells Anthony that Anthony has to promote himself so that when their salon goes worldwide everyone will know who Anthony is. Worldwide? Filly has some big ideas and dreams. Filly suggests a photo shoot. At first Anthony isn’t happy with the idea and tells the cameras, “I ain’t no super model” but eventually he comes around and agrees to it. Filly says he will arrange for it all. Translation: he’s going to tell mommy and daddy and they’ll pull out their large check book and pay for everything.

Meanwhile, Tracy and Gigi are having lunch together and Tracy tells Gigi that she wants to work at Gatsby 2 Go. Gigi says that Tracy’s position hasn’t been filled yet and tells her to talk to Oliva about it and to try to get Olivia on her side.

At Frankie’s house, the family is eating at the kitchen table. All important conversations happen around food, and he tells his parents and brother that he and Gigi are going to move in together. Mom, Carla, is thrilled and thinks it’s a great idea.

An image consultant, Sharon, is brought in to give Anthony a new image. After her consultation they agree to meet up at the photo shoot. In the mean time, Sharon wants Anthony to grow a beard.

Tracy talks to Olivia about returning to Gatsby 2 Go. Olivia tells the cameras that Tracy is “a fair weather employee.” Well, if Olivia knows that Tracy is like that why did she agree to help Tracy get the job back? Olivia finally had her “enemy” gone and now she’s agreeing to help Tracy. Some things are too amazing for words.

Olivia and Tracy go to talk to Gayle. Tracy apologizes for the way she acted and said that she could be a logistics person for Gatsby 2 Go. In another eye rolling moment, Gayle actually considers taking Tracy back. All Tracy has to do is work with Olivia during the next event and if they get along with no fighting Gayle will rehire her.

At Tracy’s test event Gayle is with them but walks out of the room while Olivia and Tracy are doing the hair and make up of their clients. Olivia mentions to Tracy that Olivia is working faster now. For some unknown reason Tracy pulls Olivia aside and complains to Olivia about what was said. Olivia tells Tracy that she was talking about herself and was joking around; but Tracy, who, let’s face it, loves to argue, starts a mini fight.

At the end of the event, Gayle rehires Tracy leaving Olivia wondering if she did the right thing helping Tracy come back. No Olivia, you didn’t! More eye rolling here.

Frankie and Gigi are in her apartment and they’re not getting along. He wants to put something of his on the wall, she says no. He wants to bring some of his stuff into the apartment, she says no. He asks her if she’s going to make dinner, she says no. Love in bloom.

At Anthony’s photo shoot, the Giove’s are there with their check book and Sharon, the image consultant, puts Anthony in a white suit. They take pictures of him with his beard holding a pair of scissors which kind of makes him look like a murderer.

Thankfully, Anthony notices how bad the pictures are. He shaves off the beard and puts on a decent suit and has them take pictures of him. Now he looks good enough for Anthony Robert’s to become a worldwide name.

At the couples counselor, Gigi tells the doctor that living with Frankie is a disaster. Did she have to pay someone to tell her that they’d have problems? Gigi tells the camera’s that the counseling is making things worse between her and Frankie which is something that Frankie said would happen two weeks ago.

Next week on “Jerseylicious” the mystery of “who is pregnant” will be solved.

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