‘Jerseylicious’ ‘Un-Beweavable’ Recap

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In this episode of Jerseylicious, Cathy and Jon team up to throw an engagement party for Alexa; Christy joins the Gatsby 2 Go team; and Fashion and Tracy argue when Fashion gives weave lessons at Anthony Robert’s.

It all starts out with Christy talking to Gayle at the Gatsby. Christy is bored and wants more to do. Since she can’t do hair, or makeup, or nails, or practically anything else, Christy says she wants to be part of the Gatsby 2 Go team and work with Olivia and Tracy as a consultant. Gayle tells her to try it out.

Fashion is weaving a client’s hair at Anthony Robert’s and Anthony tells her he’s fascinated with it because he doesn’t know how to weave. He then comes up with an idea and asks Fashion if she could not only teach the rest of the Anthony Robert’s team to weave but hold classes for students who will, of course, pay for the lessons. Tracy pipes in that she would love to learn how to weave. Fashion tells the camera’s that she thinks it’s beneath her to teach but she’ll do it just the same.

Alexa is busy showing off her engagement ring at the Glam Factory. Cathy tells her that she would be honored if Alexa and Danny allowed her to throw an engagement celebration for them. Jon says that he’s Alexa’s best friend and he wanted to do it. Cathy said that Jon could be her co-chairperson. Tracy, Olivia, and Gigi also want to help.

Christy tells Olivia and Miguel that she’ll be helping to do consultation work for Gatsby 2 Go. Since Tracy will be busy at Anthony Robert’s Miguel will be taking her place. Neither Olivia nor Miguel are thrilled with Christy’s announcement but she’s the boss and can’t be argued with.

They have a new client and Christy shows them her picture and tells the two others that the client wants to look good enough so she can get more dates on an online dating site. Christy says that the client should be dressed very conservatively.

When Christy leaves the room, Olivia and Miguel have a chat about what happened earlier when Olivia and Tracy thought that Miguel and Crystal were trying to steal their jobs. Miguel said that he just feels like he’s being overlooked at the Gatsby and wanted to show Gayle what he could do. The two apologize to each other and kiss and make up.

Everyone is at Cathy’s house planning Alexa’s engagement party. Jon says that it should be held in New York City because that’s where the two love birds became engaged, but Cathy says no and tells the group that she knows of a nice restaurant in New Jersey. “I know engagement parties,” Cathy quips.

The weaving lessons start at Anthony Robert’s and there are quite a few people there including the staff, students, and Gayle. Anthony said he invited Gayle to attend because she doesn’t know how to weave and he wanted to show her that he has ideas too.

Fashion starts to teach and Tracy and Jeff start talking. Glaring at the two, Fashion asks them to pay attention and to stop talking. Tracy does not like being reprimanded.

As Fashion looks at what her students are doing, she stops by Tracy and tells her that she’s doing a poor job. Tracy tells Fashion that she has an attitude. Gayle hears them arguing and turns to Anthony and says that it “sounds like the same crap that goes on at the Gatsby.”

At the new client’s home Christy is basically getting in Olivia and Miguel’s way. She tells Olivia that she’s too heavy-handed with the makeup; Miguel’s hair style is too high; and she wants the client to be dressed in a very conservative outfit. She’s also getting a little hyper active and frightening the client. Christy is so not “Jerseylicious.”

The client loved Olivia’s makeup and Miguel’s hairstyle but hated the clothes Christy picked out. Olivia chose something a bit less conservative and the client loved it. Now all she has to do is find a good man. Good men are hard to find.

At Anthony Robert’s Tracy is annoyed that Fashion keeps saying negative things about her weave. “I don’t want you to teach me how to weave because you’re being such an evil bitch,” says Tracy. Yeah, like that will really hurt Fashion’s feelings. Eventually the two apologize to each other and kind of get a long.

At the engagement celebration everyone is having a good time. Jon even admitted that Cathy knew what she was doing. At the party fans meet Alexa’s parents, Peter and Betsy. Peter gives a little speech and then tells Alexa that there’s another surprise for her. In walks Alexa’s brother, Andy. Andy lives in Seattle and the two rarely see each other. Alexa is very happy to see Andy and hugs him with tears in her eyes.

Christy and Gayle are talking at the Gatsby and Oliva comes in and nicely tells the two that Christy didn’t help much as a consultant. Gayle said that Christy can be pushy at times and doesn’t listen well either. Everyone agrees that Christy can’t do consultation work either and should leave that aspect of Gatsby 2 Go to Olivia and Tracy.

So ends another episode of Jerseylicious.

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