Jesse James Accused of Rape – Deann McClung Says He Did.

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A former employee of Jesse James, Deann McClung has gone public with details of James forcing her to perform sexual acts. Even going as far as kidnapping and holding her until she gave him sexual gratification. The whole time Jesse James was dating Sandra Bullock, his current wife, who he had an affair on with Michelle Bombshell McGee. The source article does not refer to James actions as rape, but forcing a woman into sex is rape in my book. 

Deann McClung filed suit against Jesse James in 2000 for harassment. She own a private settlement in 2001. Jesse James had fired her in 2000 when she refused his sexual advances. 

Jesse James, however, claim he fired her for stealing from his company West Coast Choppers. This is a typical tactic in such cases but who says it isn’t true?


Just another Jessie James scandal leading up to Sandra Bullock divorce



Read more to the story in the source article:

Deann McClung & Jesse James: McClung claims on Jesse James

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