Jesse James Ex-Wife Has Tattoo of Him Like Kat Von D

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It seems that Jesse James inspires his women to get tattoos of him. That’s odd. So far, Sandra Bullock has not revealed one, but his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder and his ex-fiancée Kat Von D both have his likeness inked on their bodies.

Jesse James Ex-Wife has Tattoo of Him Like Kat Von DThat’s right, Jesse James‘s porn star ex-wife can commiserate with the L.A. Ink star on the fact that they both have the biker’s picture on them forever. Of her ex, Lindemulder said, “Jesse is the ultimate con-man when it comes to romance and love. He can appear so sweet and sincere that he really makes you feel so special.”

There is no doubt that he has fooled several women recently. It seems that maybe he should give up on monogamy because he is not good at it. Janine Lindemulder went on to say, “People should not judge Kat so harshly I’m sure at the time she really thought that Jesse really loved her and that’s why she did it. Unfortunately, just like myself and Sandra Bullock and any other woman Jesse has been involved with the only person that the guy truly loves is himself!”

It certainly seems that way. The next woman he takes up with should beware, and she certainly shouldn’t get any tattoos of him on her body.

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