Jesse James Memoir: Book Cover Reveals Stoic ‘American Outlaw’

Jesse James’ memoir has gotten a cover! However, the frank truth is that Jesse is, no doubt, just capitalizing on his failed marriage to Sandra Bullock American Outlawand the numerous affairs he had behind her back.

Seriously, what could be within the pages of Jesse James’ memoir that anyone would want to read if not tales of his scandalous past?

As the only dude who could have profited off the failure of his marriage, Jesse is probably one of the lowest vermin. It’s truly sad but the guys gotta eat too, right? So, James’ memoir cover is just a close up of him looking stoic. Beneath his prickly graying bread are the words American Outlaw.

Let’s take a guess at what will be in his book. Chances are there will be stories of a broken childhood, crimes against property and people and then probably some mumbo-jumbo about how he worked his way into the pants, er, the world of mechanics and found a level of success and respect he’d never had before. In short, Jesse James’ memoir will be like so many other but it won’t be any of those things people will want to read.

The real question is whether or not James will divulge enough juicy details about his sexual escapades to keep customers from feeling like they wasted $17 on his memoir. is current accepting pre-orders for this book.

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