Jesse James Wants Kat Von D’s Engagement Ring Back

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Jesse James strikes again. Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband reportedly wants Kat Von D to give her engagement ring back! Could this guy be anymore insensitive towards the women in his life?

Jesse James and Kat Von D’s engagement ended after the tattoo artist found out her man had been cheating on her with various women. (Sound familiar, Sandra Bullock?) So, basically it was Jesse’s fault the relationship ended, and he has the nerve to ask for the ring back? What a jerk!

Is James being spiteful, or could he be hurting for money? The ring is reportedly worth $50 thousand, and would be a great help to someone who is broke. Jesse hasn’t been up to much professionally, and this stunt may earn him some much need publicity. (No press is bad press, right?)

However, Von D isn’t giving in. “She won’t return the ring to Jesse, and she’s not budging. She says she deserves it for putting up with him,” said one source. Good for you Kat Von D! Maybe she should consider selling Jesse James’ ring, and keeping the money for herself?

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