Jessica Ahlquist Targeted in Recent Controversy

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Teen atheist Jessica Ahlquist is being wrongly targeted with hateful rhetoric by those opposing the removal of the Woonsocket cross. There’s just a few problems with this, but the main one is that Jessica is not connected to this campaign to remove the cross and she doesn’t appear to even have any support for it. If you’re not familiar with the Woonsocket cross debacle, a group of atheists based out of Wisconsin want the cross removed because it symbolizes the government endorsement of a single religion, which is unconstitutional.

It appears that Jessica Ahlquist is the target of threats and hate rhetoric again, even though she is not connected to the request to remove the memorial cross in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Someone posted on a Facebook page that she was going to “end up shot” if she “kept this up.” She had the following to say:

“We have absolutely nothing to do with that situation. For several reasons, I consider it to be a very different case than the prayer banner. I see [The Woonsocket cross] it as a historic memorial to specific people which ended up where it is after a road was flooded out. If anything, as a supporter of our veterans, I would like it to see it moved to a more fitting place, but that has nothing to do with the law.”

It’s refreshing that’s she’s willing to speak against these threats, even though she really doesn’t have to. It’s obvious that she’s not connected to this controversial case, but ignorant people have apparently connected her as the face of atheism in Rhode Island or something. Hopefully law enforcement have continued their protection of the young woman, just in case some fruitcake takes these threats too seriously.

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