Jessica Alba Steps Out Looking ‘Bedraggled’

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Jessica Alba is being slammed for her unkempt appearance on a New York City street Friday, but most women would give anything to look like this.

The 31-year-old actress has been in New York since Tuesday with her husband Cash, and two children Honor Marie and Haven. She was spotted on the street Friday, and one publication had to nerve to call her “bedraggled,” because she obviously failed to blow dry her tresses that morning.

The rest of the family was nowhere to be seen at the moment, and the always-beautiful Jessica was wearing a black leather jacket, loose black pants and black flats.

So what if her hair was still wet? And, is she supposed to be wearing an evening gown while running errands on the streets of Manhattan? Even on her worst day, Jessica Alba is still one of the most stunning women on the globe. In addition, she has a wonderful personality and is a great mom. Should the actress be bashed just because she didn’t look her best one day?

Alba and her family were spotted Tuesday boarding a flight from Burbank to New York. Other passengers were surprised to see the actress and her husband Cash in coach, while her kids and nanny were in in first-class.

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