Jessica Biel and Others Hike for Clean Water [video] Summit on the Summit

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Jessica Biel along with other celebrities is hiking Mt Kilimanjaro, one of the seven summits, to raise awareness of the global water crisis, Kenna’s foundation called Summit on the Summit.  The 19,340 ft mountain is in Tanzania, Africa.  Jessica Biel is hiking with Emile Hirsch, Isabelle Lucas, Lupe Fiasco, Alexandra Cousteau, Kick Kennedy, and more. They are on day six of their hike and made it to the top–19,340 feet! That is extremely impressive, after battling torrential rain and blizzards.  Their last ascent they hiked for seven hours in order to get to the very top, Uhuru Peak–where they posed for a picture with a poster that says “Send Water.”  The hikers were only supposed to spend 45 minutes at the very top before they needed to head back down–they all gave a shout out to Kenna’s father, who lost several family members to waterborne illnesses.

This is an amazing feat by all hikers, but it is even more amazing that millions of people donated feet to the hike, ensuring that over 5,000,000 liters of clean water are available.  Watch the videos from the hike, it is eye opening.


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