Jessica Biel Angry at Justin’s Mom for Wedding Behavior

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel allegedly got into a row over the actions of Justin’s mom Lynn, who upstaged the bride during the big wedding in Italy.

If this story is true, and it may very well not be, this would be Jessica and JT’s first argument as a married couple.

Now, you might believe this relationship is doomed for the ash heap of Hollywood history, if they are already at each others’ throats. However, many marriage experts maintain that fighting isn’t always a negative thing.

If each partner feels they are being listened to, and are getting their point across, some minor bickering actually brings couples closer together. What’s important is the tone of voice you use while arguing.

File:JessicaBielAAFeb09.jpg“Jess was already annoyed at Lynn for butting in on the wedding planning, so when Lynn was walking around at the reception, talking to everyone and asking for pictures, Jessica was fuming,” an inside source claimed.

Bizarrely, Biel sounds more upset about Lynn’s showboating, than about the disgusting video which was played mocking homeless people. Perhaps all the wedding pressures finally built up, and drove Biel over the edge. Justin was also allegedly annoying Jessica all week, by continuing to flirt with other women. That’s probably not a hot idea right before the wedding.

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