Jessica Biel gets $250K worth of engagement jewelry from Justin Timberlake!

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Jessica Biel reportedly isn’t a fan of the $130,000 engagement ring fiance Justin Timberlake designed for her. But she loves the $250,000 diamond necklace-and-bracelet set he just gave her!

“She’s ecstatic, she looks incredible in the set,” an “insider” tells Star (via, adding that JT took Jessica to a jewelry store in May “to gauge her tastes.”

Who wouldn’t be ecstatic to get $250,000 worth of diamond jewelry? But for Jessica and her family, the gift “represents a lot more than its dollar value.”

“It’s like he has finally made up his mind and is ready to spend the rest of his life with this woman… The whole Biel clan is really excited… no one more so than Jessica, who finally—after all the heartache and tears—has landed the man of her dreams,” Star‘s snitch says, in a quote that was probably totally made up.

There’s so much wrong with this. First, there was a report a couple months back that the Biel family hates Justin for being a serial cheater and causing Jessica a lot of pain throughout their relationship. So it’s doubtful they’re suddently “excited” about the wedding just because he splashed out for some expensive jewelry. (And if he was able to mollify them simply by spending $250,000, their priorities are clearly not in order.) Second, another report claimed that the reason Jessica is stuck with an engagement ring she dislikes is because although Justin was supposed to consult with her stylist when designing the bling, he instead decided to “go rogue” and do it on his own. So after blowing off her stylist’s suggestions, would JT suddenly start caring about what Jessica would prefer and trying “to gauge her tastes”? He obviously fancies himself a fashionable guy, so that’s doubtful. And finally, if he’s really reluctant to wed like multiple reports have claimed, even though their marriage is pretty much destined to end badly, he should know better than to get her hopes up with gifts that she reads meaning into. So hopefully she did actually get some nice jewelry from him but isn’t thinking he’s going to start acting differently once (if?) they make it down the aisle.

What do you think? Why did Justin Timberlake give Jessica Biel such an extravagant gift? Would you like to receive $250,000 worth of diamond jewelry? Sound off in the comments!

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