Jessica Biel Has Done ‘Nothing’ Towards Planning Her Wedding to Justin Timberlake

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Jessica Biel is not your average bride-to-be. Aside from the couple’s almost uncanny star power (she’s a highly regarded actress and he’s a music and film megastar), Biel has yet to morph into the dreaded “bridezilla,” choosing instead to enjoy their engagement!

The Total Recall actress recently told interviewer Cindy Perarlman of the Chicago Sun-Times, “I’m just enjoying being engaged,” denying rumors that the pair could potentially wed later this summer.

Rather than a 2012 wedding, it seems the date (which has yet to be set) may be as far off as 2013 or later.

JESSICA BIEL“I do feel like there is a lot of time and nothing needs to be rushed,” Biel said.

As for what their current focus is, if not on wedding planning, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake seem to be focused on just enjoying the moment with one another.

“..Being engaged is just absolutely amazing,” she says. “You’re in this romantic, ahhhhh, breathless moment that I’m just trying to extend as long as possible.”

While being engaged is certainly a happy time for every bride (albeit a bit stressful for some), it does seem as though she’s taking an unusually slow pace with it. Could it be that Biel has some cold feet?

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