Jessica Chastain to Play Princess Diana in Movie

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Jessica Chastain is set to play Princess Diana in an upcoming movie. So will Prince William approve of the film?

He and Kate Middleton have already gotten two made-for-TV movies about their fairytale romance, but the movie about his mother is going to be a more serious affair made for the big screen.

And Wills might want to avoid seeing it at all costs judging from what it’s about. Caught in Flight won’t portray Princess Diana the way that many chose to remember her—her fans still celebrate her for her charity, vitality, and beauty, but the movie will take a look at a dark time in her life while painting a very different picture of her personality.

Caught in Flight will focus on the aftermath of her secret affair with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan, and what will be shown definitely won’t be a fairytale romance. Instead Diana will be shown as a “lovestruck stalker” suffering from a psychological breakdown after the end of their relationship.

So Jessica Chastain is certainly brave for taking on the role—she’ll probably get her fair share of criticism for it. However, after being cast as Brad Pitt’s wife in The Tree of Life and starring alongside Emma Stone in The Help, she might feel that she’s successful enough right now to take a few risks.

But she’s got more than an unflattering portrait of Princess Diana working against her; the American actress is going to have to master an English accent. Renée Zellweger did managed to silence critics by pulling off such a feat in the Bridget Jones’s Diary movies, so maybe Jessica Chastain will be capable of doing the same.

Caught in Flight will be directed by Oliver Hirshbiegel, who is probably best-known for the movie Downfall. The film fared rather well with critics, and it’s also become a popular meme on the Internet—YouTube users enjoy making scenes featuring Bruno Ganz as Hitler humorous by changing the English subtitles for it.

So will Oliver’s Diana movie prove to be a joke, or will it feature a realistic portrayal of what Princess Diana was really like? What do you think?

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